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The standard Coiltek loop control model, the CS-5000, comes in three different stand heights. Last time I discussed the benefits of the CS-5000-15XX, which comes with a 15″ tall stand and a customer-dictated boom length (represented by the XX in the name). This time, we will talk about the next size up, the CS-5000-54XX.

The CS-5000-54XX, as the name suggests, features a 54″ tall stand and a variable boom length, which is dictated by customer need. If, for instance, you need to position your loop control further away from the line or have wide stock, choose a longer boom. If you want your stand closer to your line, choose a shorter boom. When ordering a stand, the XX in the part number can be replaced by the chosen boom length. You can choose between many boom lengths, from 11″ to 48″. The most popular combination boom length for the 54″ tall stand is the 11″ boom, otherwise known as a CS-5000-5411.

The CS-5000-54XX can be used over pits, if necessary, and with a variety of different materials, from steel to plastic tubing. This reliable, adaptable system can also be used with a world of accessories to enhance its performance, such as the CTAC-2 sound isolation cone, the Hammerhead multiple transducer assembly, and the 3CPO, which grants remote access to 3 preset programs.

For more information on any of our products, including the entire CS-5000 series, please visit our main website, check out our brochures, and of course, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The CS-5000-15xx

Coiltek makes each CS-5000 loop control to order, so that each order is a custom job. We have tried to both taylor our line to specific applications, and also to make our products generally applicable to the various continuous process applications that would use a non-contacting loop control such as ours.

When we designed the CS-5000-15xx we had a specific application in mind. This compact stand height, with the variable boom length represented by the xx, is particularly well-adapted to use with threading tables. The heavy-duty steel stand has two tabs at the bottom, which can be bolted to the table, and with boom lengths available between 11″ and 48″, you are sure to find exactly the length you need.

If you would like more information on the CS-5000-15xx or any of our high quality, American made loop controls, please contact us.

The CS-5140 from Coiltek

As promised, todays topic is the specialty branch of the CS-5100 series of sonic controls: The CS-5140. This ultrasonic controls is distinguished from all of our other controls by the addition of three extra transducers, meaning that this model has 4 total ultrasonic transducers within the boom.

Like the CS-5100, the CS-5140 has no stand and is comprised of the boom (sometimes called the nose) which contains the special MX4 transducer board, a 15′ long 9-conductor cable, and an electrical enclosure containing our state-of-the-art, all new CB-5501M control board.

The necessity for a multiple transducer array can be seen in any line with vertical or horizontal stock movement. The CS-5140 can cope with either, depending on the chosen orientation, and accurately sense the stock height even with loop movement, by substantially widening the sensing area of the unit.

For more on this, please read our flyer on our ultrasonic arrays. If you have any questions or would like a quote, please contact us.

The CS-5100 Line of Ultrasonic Loop Controls

Here at Coiltek we sometimes joke that the CS-5100 line of loop controls are the Jan Brady of our loop control family. The tall, industry standard CS-5000 series is the Marsha, getting lots of attention for its adaptability and capable, reliable handling of lines big and small. The CS-6200 is the baby of the family, a small, affordable line that is perfect for many applications, such as plastic medical tubing, and representing a large step up for those looking to replace an existing Sonatrol unit.

Then there’s our CS-5100 series. It’s the proverbial middle child. It’s smaller than the CS-5000, because it lacks a stand, but it’s just as powerful, since it features the same new and updated CB-5501M control board. However, like the CS-6200 it is small, consisting of just an 11″ tubular housing (the nose or boom) containing the sensor, a 15′ long cable, and an electrical enclosure containing the powerful new CB-5501M control board.

The best of both worlds, the CS-5100 is as powerful as it is portable, and while you may not move it much within your shop, it’s small size is a boon when it comes to shipping costs. Likewise, all the accessories for our loop controls, from the Hammerhead, to the Cone of Silence, to the 3CPO are all compatible with these small but mighty units.

This series also has some very special add-ons for wide stock applications, which we will look at tomorrow. In the meantime, if you would like more information on our CS-5100 series of sonic loop controls, please visit our website, check out our brochures, and contact us.

Replacement for Waddington Sona-Trol

We have had several inquiries as to whether or not our Coiltek ultrasonic controls can be used as replacements for the Sona-Trol systems created by Waddington Electric. The answer is a resounding yes. Our recently updated control systems represent the perfect replacement for a Sonatrol system.

In addition to being completely up-to-date and easy to use, our loop control systems are backed by a warranty and lifetime phone support from our expert staff. We stand behind our products and strive to provide the absolute best product and service available in loop control systems.

For more information on our industry standard product, please check out our main website site. There you can find information on our products, all of our manuals, as well as brochures. We are always available to speak with you, so if you would like to learn more about our capabilities or receive a quote, please contact us.