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Replacement Parts from Coiltek®

A line is a big investment, and when it goes down, you loose money. That’s why we strive to make products that stand the test of time. Many of our boards have lasted in the field for over 15 years. In fact we have seen many boards sent in for repair that are over 20 years old, and many of those can actually be repaired.

For those times when a repair just isn’t fast enough, we also supply replacement boards. We keep all of our boards and cables in stock at all times so that we can get you up and running again ASAP.

We also design all our equipment to be backwards compatible. That means that even if your loop control is 20 years old, if the stand is still in tact, you can just replace the boards with our new CB-5501M control board and CB-5101R-1 ranging card, and bring your unit back to life.

If you have any questions about replacement boards or repairs, or to request an RMA number for your repair, please contact us. For more info on Coiltek, our high-quality, American made loop control systems, check out our main site.

Repairs and Replacement Parts

At Coiltek we know that new equipment is a big investment and that equipment that has to work, just has to work.

Our equipment is built to stand the test of time. Using steel enclosures and stands and building our electronic components to last means that in all likelihood, you won’t need to replace your Coiltek unit any time soon. In fact, we are still getting calls to help update working systems from over 20 years ago.

If something should go wrong in the first year of owning your Coiltek unit, however unlikely that may be, any inherent failure of the boards is covered under the warranty. If you should need a replacement for a defective board, we will send you a replacement board and will cover UPS ground shipping to your location, as well as the shipping for returning the defective board to us. After the warranty expires, the parts can be repaired for a minimal fee, which at this point is $150 per board.

We also sell parts for all of our units, which means you don’t have to order a whole new system to get up and running again. If you have an older system and would like to update it, we have you covered: All of our systems are backwards compatible, meaning that our new boards work as well with our older models as they do with our new systems. For instance, 20 some years ago we created a system called the CS-4300. While all the electrical components of the CS-4300 are obsolete, the new electrical components of our current CS-5000 system have been specifically designed to fit this older model of stand, making updating your old unit into the equivalent of a brand new model as easy as purchasing two boards and a cable.

For more information on repairs and replacement boards, check out our website. If you have questions or would like an RMA number to send a board in for repair, please contact us.

Coiltek Loop Controls: Durability and Repairs

Although we’ve made forays into winding and converting equipment, Coiltek’s mainstay product is the ultrasonic loop control. Our loop control systems are no-touch loop controls that use ultrasonic sound waves to sense distance and control the output of a straightener or decoiler. Coiltek loop controls are American made in the great state of Ohio. The stands for our loop controls are made of steel tubing, lending strength and durability that stands the test of time. In fact, many Coiltek loop controls have been in the field for over ten years and still function perfectly.

Should your Coiltek loop control ever malfunction, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We stand behind our loop control systems for the full length of the product’s life – no matter how long that may be. Unlike some companies that charge for a service plan, over the phone technical support is always free for Coiltek products.

If the problem cannot be fixed over the phone, we offer a full line of replacement parts to get your loop control – and your line – up and running again as soon as possible. Our loop controls can also almost always be repaired. If your loop control needs to be repaired, simply remove the electronic boards, place them in a static safe bag and call us for an RMA number and shipping instructions.

We hope that you will have many years of perfect service from your Coiltek loop control, but if you don’t, we are always available to help make sure that you can get up and running again soon. For more information on Coiltek repairs, visit our Repairs page. To request a quote or a repair, give us a call or use our hand widget on our Contact Us page.