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Introducing the new CS-6200 no-touch loop control

Our popular Coiltek CS-6100 line of non-contact loop controls has finally become obsolete, but don’t fret; we have a new low cost, highly reliable, American-made no-touch loop control system to take its place.

Introducing the new CS-6200 ultrasonic loop control system from Coiltek. This exciting new product line features much of the same technology found in our industry standard CS-5000 V2 line of non-contacting loop controls, and has many of the same capabilities: Instant push-button calibration, on-board storage for up to 8 programs, and optional remote access to up to 3 preset programs, plus much more!

If you would like more information about this product line and it’s uses, such as in the plastic tubing industry, please check out our brochure. If you have further questions or would like up-to-date pricing, please contact us

Two of our all new CS-6200 ultrasonic loop controls systems, side by side.

Two of our all new CS-6200 ultrasonic loop controls systems, side by side.


Even more variety in the Coiltek lineup!

The Coiltek lineup is growing! We are pleased to announce that soon we will be unveiling a new no-touch sonic loop control system specifically geared towards working with the smallest stock, such as medical tubing. This ultra-sensitive unit will come with a stand, but be smaller and lighter weight than our CS-5000 series.

If you would like to learn more about our current lineup of products, please visit our products page. If you have questions, comments, or new applications for this or any other product, please feel free to contact us.

Non-Contact Loop Controls

Our Coiltek loop controls are non-contact loop controls. While most manufacturers of ultrasonic loop control systems have only one line of no-touch loop controls which use out-dated technology, we have two distinct lines of completely upgraded ultrasonic loop control systems.

The new Coiltek CS-5000 V2 and CS-6200 lines of non-contacting loop control systems are powerful and reliable. Our updated technology allows for on-board storage of preset programs, USB connected remote programming via computer, and instantaneous manual calibration.

At Coiltek we are always looking for new applications. With this in mind, we are creating a model of the low-cost, non-contacting CS-6200 line, the CS-6202, for use specifically within plastic tubing manufacturing.

If you have an application you believe could benefit from our ultrasonic distance sensing technology, please contact us. With great customer service and expert technical and engineering know-how, we can answer every question you may have and even tailor our products to suit your needs. Give us a call today.

New products for a new market

Coiltek is starting work on a new line of ultrasonic loop controls. This highly sensitive loop control will be marketed to facilities which manufacture medical tubing. This new branch of the CS-6200  no-touch loop control system will include a stand with wheels, as well as all the standard benefits of our control systems, like instant calibration, up to 8 stored programs, and remote access to up to 3 presets.

At Coiltek we are never content to rest on our laurels. We understand that new product lines are necessary to keep our business alive and thriving. That’s why we love to hear from our customers about what innovations they would like to see in our loop control systems. If you have a question, comment, or new application, we are always happy to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us.

New Products from Coiltek

In 2013 Coiltek introduced some great new products into our line-up of sonic loop controls. Our industry standard line of sonic loop controls, the CS-5000, got an update and is now the CS-5000 V2 loop control. The new board in the CS-5000 sonic loop controls is the CB-5501M. This new sonic loop control board is smaller, lighter, and more efficient than the previous generation board. With the same level of on-board storage and new instant calibration technology, the new board makes our sonic loop controls even easier and faster to use.

Additionally, our low-cost sonic loop control system, the CS-6100 also received a substantial upgrade and is now the CS-6200. The new board is called the CB-6200M and had a lot of the same new features as the updated CB-5501M. Both sonic loop controls have on-board program storage and instant calibration technology. The CB-6200M loop control board is even smaller than the new CB-5501M board.

Our new sonic loop control products are easy to use and quick to set up. If you would like more information on our loop controls, check out our website, www.coiltek.com. As always, direct any questions to info@coiltek.com, or use our simple contact widget.