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The CTAC-2 “Cone of Silence” from Coiltek

At Coiltek we try to anticipate any issues that our customers may have and create a solution. One such issue when using an ultrasonic loop control system is off-axis ultrasonic interference. This interference can be caused by things such as nearby blow-off hoses and can cause a unit to behave in strange ways.

Luckily we have devised a simple solution to issues of ultrasonic interference: The CTAC-2, nicknamed the “Cone of Silence”, the CTAC-2 is a cast aluminum cone lined with acoustic foam, which slides easily over the boom of your existing unit and absorbs any off-axis interference.

If you have any questions or comments on the CTAC-2 or any of our high quality no-touch loop control systems or accessories, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Repairs and Replacement Parts

At Coiltek we know that new equipment is a big investment and that equipment that has to work, just has to work.

Our equipment is built to stand the test of time. Using steel enclosures and stands and building our electronic components to last means that in all likelihood, you won’t need to replace your Coiltek unit any time soon. In fact, we are still getting calls to help update working systems from over 20 years ago.

If something should go wrong in the first year of owning your Coiltek unit, however unlikely that may be, any inherent failure of the boards is covered under the warranty. If you should need a replacement for a defective board, we will send you a replacement board and will cover UPS ground shipping to your location, as well as the shipping for returning the defective board to us. After the warranty expires, the parts can be repaired for a minimal fee, which at this point is $150 per board.

We also sell parts for all of our units, which means you don’t have to order a whole new system to get up and running again. If you have an older system and would like to update it, we have you covered: All of our systems are backwards compatible, meaning that our new boards work as well with our older models as they do with our new systems. For instance, 20 some years ago we created a system called the CS-4300. While all the electrical components of the CS-4300 are obsolete, the new electrical components of our current CS-5000 system have been specifically designed to fit this older model of stand, making updating your old unit into the equivalent of a brand new model as easy as purchasing two boards and a cable.

For more information on repairs and replacement boards, check out our website. If you have questions or would like an RMA number to send a board in for repair, please contact us.

Ultrasonic Arrays

Here at Coiltek we spend a lot of time finding solutions for the problems our customers bring to us. We are known for ability to create simple solutions for complex problems. One example of how this ability to innovate has driven our product line can be seen in the variety of ultrasonic loop control products we manufacture.

Our loop controls come in various heights, boom lengths, and can be customized further by choosing from several arrangements of ultrasonic elements. This variety allows us to solve vertical and horizontal loop movement issues, sense thick stock and thin stock with equal precision, and ensure that every line runs as smoothly as possible.

For more information on why the number and arrangement of ultrasonic elements is important and what problem each of our several arrangements solves, please visit our ultrasonic arrays flier.

If you have a loop control problem that you need help solving, a comment, or a question, please contact us.

Sneak Peak of the All New CS-6202 Loop Control

The next step in the evolution of ultrasonic controls is here: The CS-6202 from Coiltek. This no-touch ultrasonic loop control system is small (about 4′ tall), but mighty. It is sensitive enough to “see” even the thinnest stocks and equipped with all the same standard features you’ve come to expect from Coiltek’s industry standard sonic loop controls: On-board storage for up to 8 distinct programs, 0-10 VDC  and 4-20 mA output, easy remote set-up via computer with on-board USB port, and instant push button manual calibration. The new CS-6202 also comes with a potentiometer on the exterior of the electrical enclosure, for easy sensitivity adjustments.

Ideal applications for this product are wire and plastic tubing, such as for medical and automotive applications. For more information on this or any other Coiltek product, please don’t hesitate to contact usCS-6202 edited 1.

Software and Programming to Optomize Loop Control Flexibility

One of the best things about Coiltek sonic loop control systems is their flexibility. Not only is every system a custom build, with customers choosing between two distinct lines of loop controls, the CS-5000 V2 and the CS-6200, and a world of accessories, but the options to customize your loop control don’t stop there.

Our loop control systems have on-board program storage, meaning that up to 8 distinct programs can be housed on the board at any given time. Up to three of those programs can be accessed remotely with our 3CPO option, and all of them can be programmed remotely using a computer.

Each board is equipped with a USB port which, after downloading our free software CSWin32, allows the user to interface directly with the board. The main screen even allows users to view a graph created by stock moving through the sensing range.

To learn more about the free CSWin32 software, please visit the software page. For more information on any of our products, help placing an order, or to request a quotation, please contact us.

Even more variety in the Coiltek lineup!

The Coiltek lineup is growing! We are pleased to announce that soon we will be unveiling a new no-touch sonic loop control system specifically geared towards working with the smallest stock, such as medical tubing. This ultra-sensitive unit will come with a stand, but be smaller and lighter weight than our CS-5000 series.

If you would like to learn more about our current lineup of products, please visit our products page. If you have questions, comments, or new applications for this or any other product, please feel free to contact us.

Custom Equipment

At Coiltek we specialize in loop controls, but it’s not all that we can do. Our other specialties include winding equipment, rewinding, paper tensioning, converting, custom equipment, and engineering services.

Our expert team has created everything from massive machinery with powered hydraulics, to a simple magnetic coil lifter for safely disposing of damaged stainless steal. If you can dream it, we can draw, fabricate it, and deliver it at a reasonable price.

For more information on our capabilities, check out our custom machinery page and then contact us. We look forward to working with you on your next project.IMG_0063

“Free Loop” Controls

At Coiltek our loop controls are designed as no-touch controls for free loops. A free loop is an unfettered drop off of coil stock – slack in the line – before it enters into a process or is rewound.

The advantages of no-touch loop control systems are many, and have been discussed at some length in previous posts, but one of the major advantages is for use with non-conductive stock, such as extruded rubber or plastic medical tubing.

Our sensitive non-contacting, ultrasonic loop controls can be used on everything from wide stocks to very thin stocks. Coiltek loop controls can also be used with a variety of materials because, in addition to being very sensitive, our loop controls are adaptable.

For use with stocks that move either horizontally or vertically, we created the Hammerhead Accessory and the CS-5140 to ensure the stock is always within range. Additionally, each Coiltek loop control is essentially a custom build. We have several lines of loop controls, including a low-cost ultrasonic control, a stand-less line of loop controls, and our standard product line, the CS-5000. Each CS-5000 is fully customizable, as the customer chooses the height of the stand (either 15″, 54″, 72″, or 84″) and boom length (choose from 9 lengths between 11″ and 48″). This flexibility allows our loop controls to work with everything from tables to pits and everywhere in between. Since our no-touch ultrasonic loop controls rely on sound waves, not electrical contact or photo-technology, reflective stocks and non-metallic stocks are no problem.

To learn more about our loop controls, please visit our products page or view our brochures. Please feel free to contact us with inquiries, RFQs, and new applications.

A brief history of ultrasonic loop controls

In the late 1970s two men had the same great idea at the same time. One of those men was Hall Cary, the founder of Coil Technology, Inc.

As an acoustical engineer, Hall had already founded the Cary Corporation, which specialized in manufacturing sound isolating enclosures for press lines and other equipment. Well-versed in the physics of sound, he thought that perhaps sound waves could be harnessed for use in manufacturing processes.

The result of this line of inquiry was the original Coiltek ultrasonic loop control. Using an ultrasonic element to transmit and receive sound waves, the device could accurately gauge distance. By coupling this ability with the ability to create a variable 0-10 VDC output based on the distance of an object from the element, the ultrasonic loop control was born.

To learn more about why non-contacting or no-touch loop controls are such an important innovation and the advantages of a Coiltek loop control over the competition, feel free to contact us. For a full list of our current products, please visit our products page or check out our brochures.

Ultrasonic Control Systems

Coiltek ultrasonic loop control systems are not limited to only controlling the speed of a decoiler or straightener. In fact, any variable output device that accepts 0-10 VDC input can be controlled by our loop controls. This means that Coiltek control systems can be used to control loop height, as well as many other applications such as the level of a substance in a tank, in addition to its normal function in controlling feeding for paper processing, feeding on stamping lines, and loop control for rubber extrusion and plastic tubing manufacture.

If you have a new application that you’d like to try out with one of our units, please let us know. We have consignment terms available for customers with good credit references. To learn about our product lines, visit our products page and browse our brochures. To learn more about any unit and for up-to-date pricing, contact us.