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Non-Contact Loop Controls

Our Coiltek loop controls are non-contact loop controls. While most manufacturers of ultrasonic loop control systems have only one line of no-touch loop controls which use out-dated technology, we have two distinct lines of completely upgraded ultrasonic loop control systems.

The new Coiltek CS-5000 V2 and CS-6200 lines of non-contacting loop control systems are powerful and reliable. Our updated technology allows for on-board storage of preset programs, USB connected remote programming via computer, and instantaneous manual calibration.

At Coiltek we are always looking for new applications. With this in mind, we are creating a model of the low-cost, non-contacting CS-6200 line, the CS-6202, for use specifically within plastic tubing manufacturing.

If you have an application you believe could benefit from our ultrasonic distance sensing technology, please contact us. With great customer service and expert technical and engineering know-how, we can answer every question you may have and even tailor our products to suit your needs. Give us a call today.

New products for a new market

Coiltek is starting work on a new line of ultrasonic loop controls. This highly sensitive loop control will be marketed to facilities which manufacture medical tubing. This new branch of the CS-6200  no-touch loop control system will include a stand with wheels, as well as all the standard benefits of our control systems, like instant calibration, up to 8 stored programs, and remote access to up to 3 presets.

At Coiltek we are never content to rest on our laurels. We understand that new product lines are necessary to keep our business alive and thriving. That’s why we love to hear from our customers about what innovations they would like to see in our loop control systems. If you have a question, comment, or new application, we are always happy to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us.

Custom Machinery

In addition to our standard line of loop control systems, we also create custom machinery. With our expert engineering and efficient techs, we are able to manage every aspect of custom equipment from design through manufacturing in one location. Our experienced team has created everything from magnetic lifts for moving stainless steel coils, to a hydrolic-lift system for motor stator production, and a line for winding extruded rubber.

We are experts in winding and rewinding and have put that expertise to work in producing custom slitting and paper processing equipment, and even machinery to create magnetic advertisements.

We also have experience in freelance engineering work. We can design items which can then be built in a facility near you.

If you have an application that you’d like to speak with us about, feel free to contact us. You can also learn more about our capabilities on our Custom Equipment page.

Coiltek Loop Controls

Coiltek makes ultrasonic loop controls, which are sometimes known as sonic loop controls, sonar loop controls, and no-touch loop controls. Our founder invented the concept of using ultrasonic frequencies to sense and control the height of a loop during processes such as stamping, winding, rewinding, and extrusion and our loop controls have been the industry standard ever since.

If you would like to explore our products, please visit the Products and Brochures sections of our website. Any further questions? Contact us.

Loop Controls

Here at Coiltek our standard product is loop controls. It’s really true that if you are going to make one thing, you should make it well, and we do. Our loop controls are the industry standard in manufacturing. From stamping lines to extrusion, converting to processing, our loop control systems are the go-to.

Our standard product line is the CS-5000 ultrasonic loop controls, a unit with a stand and customizable boom length. The CS-5100 is the stand-less version of the CS-5000 loop control. It comes with an electrical enclosure connected via a 15 foot cable to the ranging card in the boom. Additionally, we make a low-cost sonic loop control called the CS-6200 series. For more information on any of our loop control systems, please see the products and brochures sections of our website.

Questions? Concerns? New Applications? Please contact us.

Advantages of Coiltek Ultrasonic Loop Controls

The advantages of Coiltek loop control systems are plentiful, but today we will focus on three major advantages: No-touch feeding control, durability, and programability.

Coiltek makes the industry standard ultrasonic loop control systems. Our CS-6200 series of low-cost loop controls and our popular CS-5000 series of ultrasonic loop controls provide a 0-10v output to control the feeding of a straightener or decoiler, allowing for consistent feeding without touching the stock. This is an advantage especially for stocks that move a lot during feeding, such as wide stocks, and for non-conductive stock, such as plastic tubing or extruded rubber.

Coiltek products stand the test of time and it is not unusual to see a unit in a plant that is more than a decade old. In fact, our shop regularly receives inquiries about updating working systems built over 15 years ago. We stand behind our product and offer free lifetime phone support for every product we make. We also repair our old boards to save our customers money. All of our new products are backwards compatible, meaning that any time you decide to update your system, you will be able to find parts that work.

Finally, our Coiltek units make switching between stocks and their respective programs easy with on-board storage of up to 7 preset programs. We even offer an option to make 3 of those presets remotely accessible, called the 3CPO.

If you have any questions about what the durability, flexibility, and adaptability of Coiltek loop controls can do for your business, please contact us.

The 3CPO Accessory for Coiltek Loop Control Systems

The 3CPO option allows for easy-access to multiple stored programs.

Coiltek’s CS-5000 ultrasonic sensor has always had the capability of storing multiple loop control parameters.  The 3CPO option makes it easy for press operators to quickly switch to the appropriate loop control algorithm to run the job.

Why would you need different loop control parameters?  Here a few examples of press jobs that beg special treatment.

  • Long Feed Progressions.  If each press cycle pulls most of the slack from the loop, your loop control algorithm should include offset.  With offset, the control signal from the CS-5000 jumps from zero volts to some percentage of full scale output.  Figure 1 shows a comparison of a standard analog output with a 30% offset output.  With offset, the feed equipment (decoiler or straightener/flattener) gets a substantial move signal before too much loop is depleted.  This head start overcomes the  inertia of the equipment giving it more of a chance to match the press throughput.   With offset set properly, the feed device will run more smoothly.  Here’s why: The loop will swing up and down dramatically with each stroke of the press.  This is an unavoidable. The loop control will sense the large fluctuation.  Note that with offset, the output signal over the control range presents a gentler slope than a pure 1:1 analog output.  Provided the loop stays within the desired control range, the drive that the CS-5000 controls will exhibit far less “wow” (variation in speed with each press stroke).  Offset works best with constant speed devices like straighteners or nip-pullers than with decoilers.   The dwindling radius of the coil represents a constantly changing system gain, which can make the offset characteristics difficult to dial in.
  • Thick stocks.  In a given looping area, thin stocks ‘drape’ better than thick stocks.  In fact, if there is insufficient looping distance, thick stocks cannot be pushed all the way to the floor without imposing set (curvature) in the material.  Where a straightener/flattener is used to remove coil-set, it’s hardly good practice to re-institute it in the loop.  It’s critical then, if you run different stock thicknesses through the same press, that you set different control ranges to adapt to material thickness.  A preset program associated with a particular stock thickness  lets you control the radius of curvature in the loop so that stock bending stress is kept below yield.
  • Short Feed Progressions.  When a straightener, designed to keep up with high press throughputs, is presented with a very short feed progression or slow press SPMs, a standard loop control algorithm  can cause problems.  The straightener will grind along at a small fraction of its rated speed. Without ventilation from its internal fan the motor overheats.  At best, the thermal cutouts snap, and the straightener’s down.  Usually, the motors just burn up.  The CS-5000’s control relay lets you program an ON-OFF system with hysteresis  Using the control relay, the straightener turns on when the loop rises to a predetermined height, then stops when the loop drops below a certain level (see figure below).  This way the straightener is ON at a reasonable speed for a while, then rests. In the figure below the diagonal arrows in the time graph indicate whether the loop is depleting (arrows point UP) or re-filling (arrows point DOWN).

This algorithm is a little more complicated to program and wire.  If your line requires this feature, refer to our white paper entitled Accessing ON-OFF Control Within the 3CPO Option.

Programming the CS-5000 series controls for multiple program presets can be performed manually with the on-board DIP switches.  Full functionality including programming OFFSET or the Control Relay must be performed using Coiltek’s CSWin32 software.  It’s a free download from this website.  The 3 CPO option is available pre-installed on our CS-5000, CS-5100 or even our CS-6100 series controls.  It is also sold as a simple-to-install kit.

To learn more about the 3CPO option, check out our full brochure, complete with pictures and diagrams. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about your application. Click here to find all our contact information.

Coiltek Hammerhead Accessory

At Coiltek we’re always trying to find innovative solutions to industrial problems involving loop controls. One such innovation is our Hammerhead accessory for the CS-5000 series of ultrasonic loop controls.

The only one of its kind, the Hammerhead features 3 ultrasonic elements which, when the kit is attached to the boom of the unit, are seated in a line parallel to the stock the unit is sensing. This innovative design triples the sensing area of the CS-5000 in order to sense stock continuously even when the bottom of the loop moves vertically throughout the process.

To learn more about the Hammerhead Accessory, as well as our other offerings, please visit our Products page. You can also learn more about our loop control systems by checking out the brochures in the Downloads section of our site. If you should have any questions or would like to request a quote, please don’t hesitate to call us or drop us a line using the widget on our Contact Us page.

Coiltek Loop Controls: Durability and Repairs

Although we’ve made forays into winding and converting equipment, Coiltek’s mainstay product is the ultrasonic loop control. Our loop control systems are no-touch loop controls that use ultrasonic sound waves to sense distance and control the output of a straightener or decoiler. Coiltek loop controls are American made in the great state of Ohio. The stands for our loop controls are made of steel tubing, lending strength and durability that stands the test of time. In fact, many Coiltek loop controls have been in the field for over ten years and still function perfectly.

Should your Coiltek loop control ever malfunction, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We stand behind our loop control systems for the full length of the product’s life – no matter how long that may be. Unlike some companies that charge for a service plan, over the phone technical support is always free for Coiltek products.

If the problem cannot be fixed over the phone, we offer a full line of replacement parts to get your loop control – and your line – up and running again as soon as possible. Our loop controls can also almost always be repaired. If your loop control needs to be repaired, simply remove the electronic boards, place them in a static safe bag and call us for an RMA number and shipping instructions.

We hope that you will have many years of perfect service from your Coiltek loop control, but if you don’t, we are always available to help make sure that you can get up and running again soon. For more information on Coiltek repairs, visit our Repairs page. To request a quote or a repair, give us a call or use our hand widget on our Contact Us page.

Terminology in Loop Control Systems

With so many manufacturers and so many kinds of loop controls in the market, it can be hard to figure out just what you need. This post is meant as a guide to help you sort through the terminology to arrive at the right system for you.

The first distinction to make is that between no-touch and touch-probe systems. A touch probe works by sending electrical signals when touched by material and is often able to be used only with conductive materials like metal. A no-touch loop control is more flexible, as it senses using lasers or, in the case of Coiltek loop controls, sound waves to sense distance, adjusting a 0-10V output based on the distance from the sensor.

Most confusing of all, is that many times there are many words describing the same technology. For instance, different manufacturers will refer to the same technology as an ultrasonic loop control or a sonic loop control.

If you have any further questions about how to decode the terminology surrounding loop control systems to determine which system is right for you, please contact us at