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Coiltek Loop Controls

The standard product line for Coiltek is ultrasonic loop control systems. Sometimes called sonic loop controls or no-touch loop controls, these products control the speed of an unwinder or straightener using a 0-10v output controlled by the loop height.

Our Coiltek sonic loop controls, like the CS-5000, are used worldwide on press lines. You can find our no-touch loop control systems in plants from Thailand to Turkey. We work with major suppliers of press lines, such as Coe Press Equipment and Press Line Equipment as their supplier of no-touch, sonic loop controls.

Our founder came up with the idea for the sonic loop control in the 1970s and started the company out of his garage. As the need for no-touch loop control systems expanded, so did our company. Today our American made sonic loop controls are found from Mexico to Europe.

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New Products from Coiltek

In 2013 Coiltek introduced some great new products into our line-up of sonic loop controls. Our industry standard line of sonic loop controls, the CS-5000, got an update and is now the CS-5000 V2 loop control. The new board in the CS-5000 sonic loop controls is the CB-5501M. This new sonic loop control board is smaller, lighter, and more efficient than the previous generation board. With the same level of on-board storage and new instant calibration technology, the new board makes our sonic loop controls even easier and faster to use.

Additionally, our low-cost sonic loop control system, the CS-6100 also received a substantial upgrade and is now the CS-6200. The new board is called the CB-6200M and had a lot of the same new features as the updated CB-5501M. Both sonic loop controls have on-board program storage and instant calibration technology. The CB-6200M loop control board is even smaller than the new CB-5501M board.

Our new sonic loop control products are easy to use and quick to set up. If you would like more information on our loop controls, check out our website, As always, direct any questions to, or use our simple contact widget.

Compatible Devices

Coiltek’s loop controls work to control loop height by emitting a 0-10V supply, causing the feeding or rewinding equipment to speed up or slow down to keep the loop within acceptable parameters.

Our loop controls work with decoilers and straighteners at the front end of the line. Plus, with take-up mode pre-installed on each board, it’s easy to use our loop controls with rewinders at the back end of a line when needed.

Coiltek loop controls are used in a variety of industries from rubber extrusion and press lines, to applications requiring thin stock sensing, such as the medical tubing industry.

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How Ultrasonic Sensors Work

With all the terminology in marketing for loop control systems, it can be hard to know what kind of system will work best for your line. Many no-touch loop controls, like the Coiltek line, use ultrasonics to control free loop height. It’s important to know how these systems work so that you can choose the correct model and trouble-shoot any problems with your loop control.

Ultrasonic loop control systems use sound waves to sense distance, just like a bat or a dolphin. A high frequency sound is emitted by the ultrasonic element, bounces off of the stock at the lowest point of the loop, and returns to the sensor, which determines the distance based on the time elapsed between the initial sound emission and the return of the sound to the sensor.

The area which can be “seen” by one ultrasonic element is conical, with the element itself representing the point of the cone. This range is not unlimited, however, and just like with any system, these controls have ranges where they function best.

If your stock motion is such that it causes the lowest point of your free loop to move vertically, you might want to consider a system with more ultrasonic elements than the standard single element, positioned parallel to stock motion, like the Hammerhead accessory  for Coiltek loop controls.

If your stock is very wide or moves horizontally, you might want to consider a unit with multiple elements arranged perpendicular to the stock, such as the CS-5140 loop control from Coiltek.

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Coiltek Loop Controls: Ultrasonic Arrays

Coiltek makes several loop control systems to ensure that we have a system to fit all your needs. Our standard CS-5000 line of ultrasonic loop controls comes in a stand. With four height options and a variety of boom lengths, the CS-5000 loop control can be tailored to suit your exact needs. We also make a stand-less version of the same system called the CS-5100. This sonic loop control system comes with a 15 ft long cable, to maximize its felixibility. If your loop moves horizontally during processes, you might want to consider a C-5140. This stand-less unit is akin to the CS-5100, but contains 4 ultrasonic elements in the boom, instead of just one, thus maximizing it’s sensing ability over the horizontal axis. Likewise, if you have issues with vertical loop movement, Coiltek makes an accessory for the CS-5000 called the Hammerhead, which introduces 3 ultrasonic elements to increase sensing ability over the vertical axis.

To learn more about our various arrays, check out this PDF about our innovative layouts.

With so many options to customize a Coiltek loop control, you’re sure to find exactly what you need. Check out our Brochures section within the Downloads page for even more information on our products.

Winding Equipment

At Coiltek we make more than just industry standard loop control systems. As our name would suggest, we have many years’ worth of experience in coil handling. We have made paper tensioning systems, traverse winders, decoilers, rewinders, and custom coil handling machinery. Contact us to hear more about how our coil handling solutions and ultrasonic loop controls can help you business.

Coiltek Ultrasonic Sensors

Coiltek has been manufacturing ultrasonic sensors for the manufacturing industry since 1978. For more than 30 years our family-owned, small business has helped press lines, rubber extrusion lines, and stamping lines run smoothly. Our loop controls set the industry standard in think stock sensing and no-touch loop controls. Our coil-handling and free loop systems are second to none.

If you need a quality, long-lasting, American made loop control system, we have you covered.

Coil Handling

Coiltek provides a number of coil handling products. In addition to our standard line of loop controls, we also manufacture decoilers and rewinders. In addition to our standard products, we can make custom machinery to suit your exact specifications. You can find our products, including our American-made loop control systems in many different industries. From the stamping industry to rubber extrusion, the gold standard in loop controls is Coiltek.

For more information on our products, check out our Products page.